Staving Off Eviction

NPR Special Series on Eviction

Low-Income Renters Squeezed Between Too-High Rents And Subpar Housing

Tenants often stop paying rent to force the repair of poor conditions in the only housing they can afford. But landlords say can’t fix the problems until they get the rent. It’s a vicious cycle.


Living From Rent To Rent: Tenants On The Edge Of Eviction

Most people who end up facing eviction simply can’t afford to pay their rent. Many low-income tenants work, but their rent outpaces their wages. An unexpected bill or a lost job can mean homelessness.

Welcome To Rent Court, Where Tenants Can Face A Tenuous Fate

The Landlord and Tenant Branch of Superior Court for the District of Columbia is where you can end up if you’re poor, black and on the verge of being evicted.