Family Law

Attorneys at Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) provide legal advice and representation to victims of recent domestic violence who are involved in custody litigation or Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) cases. CLSMF also extends its services to those who have not yet become victims of domestic violence but who have a reasonable fear of becoming a victim of domestic violence and are involved in cases where custody or divorce is an issue. This may include parents of children who are at risk of being abused or neglected.

In pursuing our goal to improve the conditions of our general client population Small children at a daycare center.through family law assistance, the CLSMF Family Law attorneys focus mainly on assisting domestic violence clients in obtaining injunctions for protection, initiation of Dissolution of Marriage actions, and custody litigation (including custody jurisdictional challenges and relief in cases of child abduction).

If you are thinking about representing yourself, or pro se (self-help), in court for your Dissolution of Marriage or custody actions, our attorneys may be able assist you in preparing the necessary documents for your case.

CLSMF makes referrals to a variety of agencies if we cannot help you at this time.

Additional Resources

Temporary Custody of Minor Children – use these forms to create a petition to be filed with the Court to seek custody of a minor relative who lives with you