Cy Pres Awards

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is an ideal recipient for Cy Pres and court settlement awards. If you are an attorney involved in a class action lawsuit or other litigation matter that could result in a Cy Pres or court settlement award, contact us now to learn about how you can designate these funds to CLSMF and help make a difference in the lives of the thousands of residents of Central Florida that CLSMF helps each year.

What is a Cy Pres Award?  

Cy Pres (French for “as close as possible”) awards allow unclaimed settlement funds from class-action suits to be distributed to organizations that are most likely to benefit or pursue the interests of the class. Sometimes the funds are described as residual funds.

What is a Court Settlement Award?  

Court settlement awards come about when parties in a case agree that as part of the settlement one party will make a specified dollar contribution to a specific charity and the court approves the settlement.

Why is a CLSMF an ideal recipient for Cy Pres and Court Settlement Awards?

Because of the breadth of public interest legal work we are involved in, CLSMF is an ideal recipient of both Cy Pres and court settlement funds. Our programs provide legal aid to thousands of people on a wide range of issues throughout Central Florida. We also have a history of receiving cy pres awards.

We are flexible and adaptable. Because of our geographical scope and wide range of issues that we address, CLSMF is able to create projects that meet the objectives of a Cy Pres award.  To this end, an award can be used to augment our ongoing work to advance ongoing public interest work or it can fund a specific project that addresses the issues related to the underlying litigation of that case.

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