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Hurricane Dorian

CLSMF is preparing and planning during the response to Hurricane Dorian. Please visit our  CLSMF Facebook for updates on our services and operating capacity following the storm


CLSMF and Channel 9: DOJ looking into allegations of discrimination against autistic Volusia County students

Channel 9 reporter Michael  Springer interviewed CLSMF’s Children’s Rights Unit Leader, Katie Kelly, and her client Jasmine Harper regarding a DOJ complaint CLSMF filed on behalf of 11 families last year. CLSMF noticed a trend in Volusia County where children with autism and other disabilities were being handed over to law enforcement when experiencing a … Read More


Ban lifted on Deltona boy with autism

A Deltona boy with autism was banned from Votran’s Gold Service, a bus for individuals with disabilities, after reports claimed he made inappropriate remarks to a 16-year-old girl. The child’s family was assisted by CLSMF supervising attorney, Dr. Katie Kelly. After meeting with decision makers and concluding that the allegations were unfounded, the ban has … Read More


The threat Trump poses that gets almost no attention

On Monday July 3, 2017, The Washington Post opinion writer Catherine Rampell published an article titled “The threat Trump poses that gets almost no attention.” With several hot button issues highlighted in the media recently, this article served as a timely effort to showcase the issues revolving around funding for legal services organizations, like Community Legal Services … Read More


Law clinic helps homeless with civil situations

When Ray McNeal, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida board member and volunteer, saw a need to bring legal aid to the homeless he connected his church, First United Methodist’s Family Life Center, and our nonprofit law firm to accomplish the task. The need for legal aid greatly outweighs the resources available. Hosting legal clinics like … Read More

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CLSMF Children’s Rights Case in the News

On April 26, 2017 Channel 9 reporter Nancy Alvarez interviewed CLSMF Children’s Rights Unit Leader Dr. Katie Kelly and her client Mr. Anderson. The story, as most Children’s Rights cases are, is a very sad one. Moreover, it draws attention to the Volusia County school district for not heading warnings about a member of their staff who … Read More