Return of Security Deposits

Generally your security deposit will not be returned to you until after you move out. If the landlord intends to keep all or a part of your security deposit, the landlord must send you a letter within 30 days after you have moved out stating why you owe the landlord money. It is very important that you give the Landlord a mailing address where you can receive the security deposit or the letter notifying you that the landlord is keeping the security deposit.

If you get a letter from the landlord stating your security deposit will not be returned to you, you must send a letter within 15 days to the Landlord stating that you do not owe the money and want you want your security deposit returned. Keep a copy of your letter.

If the Landlord does not send the letter to you within 30 days or if you objected to the Landlord keeping the security deposit, then your next step is to sue the Landlord in small claims court. You can sue your landlord in the County where your landlord lives or in the County where the property you rented was located.