Brochures – English

Consumer Issues

Avoiding Scams

Debts and Collections

Filing an Answer

Protection from creditors

Small Claims Court

Disaster Issues

Disaster Relief FEMA

Disaster Food Stamps

Disaster information for Homeowners

Disaster Information for Renters

Emergency Numbers

Home Repairs After The Storm

Elder Advocacy Issues

Advance Directives Wills, etc.

Caregivers Legal Advocacy Project

ElderOptions Grandparent Legal Advocacy Project Brochure

Stop Elder Abuse

Senior Citizens Services in Area Code (352)

Senior Citizens Services in Area Code (386)

Family Law Issues

Child Support – How to Get and Collect Child Support

Divorce Simplified

Domestic Violence – Your Rights

Domestic Violence Victims Have a Right to Collect Child Support

Holistic Legal Services for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assult or Stalking in Lake & sumter Counties


The Rights of Domestic Violence Victims Living in  Assisted Housing

Sexual Harassment & Housing

Housing Issues


Fair Housing- Age Discrimination

Fair Housing- LGBT Discrimination

Fair Lending

Fair Lending – Mortgage Modification Scams

Foreclosure – What You Need to Know – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Foreclosure for Renters

Guide to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure – Bilingual

Help! I Just Got a 3 Day Notice – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Housing Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors in Public Housing or Using Vouchers

Loan Modification Scam

Mobile Home Eviction

Mortgage Modification Scams

More on Mortgage Modification Scams

Rental Assistance in the Daytona Beach Area

Reverse Mortgage

Security Deposits

What to do if you experience housing discrimination – Fair Housing- HUD

Your Right to Live in a Habitable Home and Withhold Rent –  web view only (for printing please use this file)

Protect Your Rights As A Homeowner – Public Adjusters

Public Benefits Issues

Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Domestic Violence victims and Public Benefits

Medicare Savings Program (QMB)

Medical Waiver Brain Injury

Reemployment Assistance – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Social Security Disabiity Benefits

Social Security Disability and SSI – What You Need to Know – web view only (for printing please use (this file)

Supplemental Nutrition (SNAP or Food Stamps) – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Medicaid Waiver Program

Unemployment Benefits & Voluntary Quitting

You Have Been Classified as “Medically Needy” Under Medicaid

Your Rights When Illness or Injury Prevents You From Working

Special Education Issues

Special Children – Special Education

Education Rights of Children Displaced or Homeless Due To Natural Disasters

Veterans’ Advocacy Project

Veterans Advocacy Project