Board of Directors & Staff

The next board meeting will be by video/telephone conference on March 1, 2018.

Members of Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) Board of Directors serve as ambassadors, educating the community and building relationships that support our mission. Fiduciary duties include financial and program oversight, and broad policy-making.

The Board is composed of 25 members selected and appointed by a variety of organizations and agencies. All board members serve on a voluntary, uncompensated basis, and may serve up to three successive two-year terms.


Christine Parrish, President

Mike Wasylik, Vice President

Sherrille D. Akin, Treasurer

Cynthia Hamilton Smith, Secretary 

Board of Directors

Bar Association Representatives

Brevard County Bar Association

Joseph Colombo, Mommers & Colombo, Attorneys at Law

Citrus County Bar Association

Michael (Mike) Wasylik, Ricardo Wasylik

Flagler County Bar Association

Max Hunter Story, Max Hunter Story, P.A.

Hernando County Bar Association

Joseph Mason, McGee & Mason, P.A.

Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida

New Appointment Pending

Lake County Bar Association

James Argento, State Attorney’s Office

Marion County Bar Association

New Appointment Pending

Orange County Bar Association

Amy Goodblatt, Amy E. Goodblatt, P.A.

Osceola County Bar Association

Maureen Arago, Arago Law Office

Paul Perkins Bar Association

Warren T. Channell, Channell Law Firm, P.A.

Putnam County Bar Association

Melissa C. Miller, Executive Vice President/General Counsel, St. Johns River State College

Seminole County Bar Association

Taras Rudnitsky, Rudnitsky Law Firm

Sumter County Bar Association

Barry Elkin, The Law Offices of Elkin and Peck, P.A.

Volusia County Bar Association

Katherine Hurst Miller, Surf Coast Law

Volusia County Bar Association

Sherrille D. Akin, Akin Law, P.A.


Community Representatives

Fair Housing Continuum, Inc.

Loretta Hawkins-Smith

Golden Rule Housing and Development

Cynthia Hamilton-Smith

H.O.M.E. Program

Jazzmen Kingston 

Orange County Lay Representative

Christine Parrish, Esq. Partner at Burr and Forman LLP 

Central Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. Marion County

Mandy LaRoy

Center for the Visually Impaired

Bob Lassone

Central Florida Urban League

Eunice Garbutt

Lee Conlee House

Tangie Archer

The Enrichment Center

Georgette Polichak-Sanchez



Community Legal Services has over 100 attorneys, advocates and support staff located throughout 12 counties dedicated to providing free legal aid to low-income families throughout Central Florida. Our talented team provides advice and representation helping more than 17,500 people each year.

Leadership Team

  • Kimberly Sanchez – Executive Director
  • Keenyn McFarlane – Chief Financial Officer 
  • Jeffrey Harvey – Director of Operations
  • Sue Edmunds – Director of Grants and Compliance
  • Josh Lazar – Director of Information Technology
  • Linda Truitt – Controller
  • Lisa Witkowski -​ Director of Human Resources

Volunteer Lawyers Project

  • Lena Smith – Pro Bono Manager
  • Margaret Harrell – Pro Bono Coordinator
  • Julie Rademacher – Pro Bono Coordinator
  • Allison Rivera – Pro Bono Coordinator 
  • Iris Castro – Pro Bono Assistant

Legal Team

  • Jorge Acosta Palmer
  • Christie Bhageloe
  • Erin Brennan
  • Sally Burgos
  • Bette Collazo
  • Samantha Cools
  • Terry Costolo, Affordable Housing Contract Attorney 
  • Valerie Dominique-Blocker
  • Janelise Gastell
  • Daphnie Guillaume
  • Martha Guillen, Florida Registered Paralegal
  • Eric Hughes
  • Jeffrey Hussey
  • Japonica Jackson
  • Lizzie Johnson
  • Monique Keels
  • Katie V. Kelly
  • Michael Koch
  • Magda Lanza
  • Dayanna Lopez
  • Angela Makley 
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Jerika Mobley
  • Andrea Mosley
  • Marissa O’Connor
  • Martha Pardo
  • Serena Pines
  • Laura Pichardo-Cruz
  • Erika Recek
  • Christina Russo, Coordinator of Medical-Legal Partnerships 
  • Laura Sanchez-Meeks
  • Tonya Schroeder
  • Bruce Scott, Florida Registered Paralegal
  • Patrice Scott, Legal Fellow
  • Bill Seitz 
  • Marcellina Spigner
  • Michelle Stile
  • Sara Vance
  • Jenny Vargas De Perez-Corujo

Fair Housing Team

  • Alicia Magazu
  • Sheila Hamilton

Housing Counselors

  • Gedsedi Calderon
  • Suling Muñoz
  • Jodi Peña-Castaldi

Advocacy and Helpline

The legal team is assisted by more than 30 legal assistants, helpline and intake personnel and many others who are committed to helping the people of Central Florida receive the help they need to address life’s obstacles.