Fair Housing Team

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida


Andrea Mosley is the Managing Attorney of the Fair Housing Programs at CLSMF. She has been litigating cases in the consumer, housing, and fair housing units at CLSMF for the past six years. Prior to her time at CLSMF, Andrea was a Solo Practitioner for several years and an Assistant Public Defender for the Ninth Judicial Circuit.  Andrea was born and raised in Connecticut.  She went to Quinnipiac University School of Law in Hamden, Connecticut.  Her first job, directly out of law school, was as an Assistant Public Defender.  The skills she learned in that position serve her to this day. She has extensive jury trial, bench trial and administrative hearing experience.  As a Solo Practitioner, her practice always centered around consumers and tenants. 

Andrea chose to pursue civil legal aid as her career path as a direct result of her childhood experiences. She has a passion for advocating on behalf of the marginalized and disenfranchised. Andrea will do everything she can to help clients because she has been in their shoes. “I will help you, help yourself. And that is also why I do what I do. I’ve been there. I don’t have to empathize or imagine. I know. My parents needed help they couldn’t afford. I know legal aid organizations make all the difference for people who need help but can’t afford to pay for it. I believe I was always meant to work in civil legal aid.”

Jeffrey Hussey is the Managing Attorney of Fair Housing Programs at CLSMF. He is a lifelong resident of Central Florida and has personally witnessed the explosive growth in the area and the housing problems that it has caused. The rapid growth has given Central Florida a diverse population and presents a unique challenge to protect everyone’s Fair Housing rights. Jeffrey has been practicing law for over 29 years throughout the state of Florida. Most of his law practice was litigating in the private sector. Since working for CLSMF he is able to put those years of litigation experience to advocate for those members of our community who have suffered housing discrimination. According to Jeffrey,“Advocating for Fair Housing is of vital importance for individuals, families, communities and all segments of the housing industry.”

Jasmin Tepale is the CLSMF Fair Housing Testing Coordinator and Advocate. She was born and raised in NYC where she graduated from college with a background in urban planning. During her time in college, she began exploring the idea of “where you live shapes a person’s future” because she grew up in a city with such a high-income disparity. She explored this idea throughout her career in a variety of fields to see how she can assist with providing people the opportunity to have the resources they need to live healthier, safer and stable lives.

Prior to moving to Florida and working for CLSMF, Jasmin worked at the Fair Housing Justice Center in Long Island City, NY where she was first introduced to Fair Housing. She worked under Executive Director Fred Friedberg who had previously worked at the Department of Justice conducting discrimination investigations. She gained valuable experience working under his directive and uses that experience and knowledge in her role at CLSMF. 

Katelynn Dunwell is the CLSMF Fair Housing Paralegal Advocate. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Florida. Living in and attending High School, Undergrad, and Law School in across many areas in Florida afforded her the opportunity to see how different counties address housing. Katelynn has developed insight into which policies work and what modifications can be made in order to afford as many people as possible access to housing.

Before being hired as an advocate, Katelynn volunteered with the CLSMF housing unit for almost three years. Katelynn is passionate about housing issues because she believes that shelter is one of the most important human needs. As she states, “there is a large need for housing, especially affordable housing, in Osceola County and I would like to play a part in remedying that.”