Board of Governors’ Support Leads to Innovative Partnership

The 52 member Florida Bar Board of Governors are responsible for bar policy and this past year, they have worked with CLSMF and other legal aid organizations to support state wide planning for legal responses to disasters.

As a result, when CLSMF received its Disaster Grant from Legal Services Corporation, it included a collaboration with The Florida Bar (TFB). The collaboration works with TFB leadership and the new legal.io Lawyer Referral Service to map out and implement referrals of clients seamlessly between CLSMF and TFB. This is a pilot, that when developed, will be rolled out statewide to all legal aid organizations that agree to participate.

At the December 2018 Board of Governors, board meeting, CLSMF’s CEO, Kimberly Sanchez, spoke to the Board of Governors about the project and thanked them for their support. President Michelle Suskauer, President Elect John Stewart and Executive Director, Josh Doyle were critical in securing the necessary funding from LSC for grant funds to work with legal.io for development of this crucial resource to the lawyers of Florida and the low income residents struggling to find lawyers to represent them. With this partnership, The Florida Bar continues to show its commitment to Access to Justice.