Veterans Drivers License Reinstatement Clinic

CLSMF partners with community organizations to help homeless veterans get a jump-start on breaking down one barrier to employment, obtaining housing, and seeking medical care – having a valid drivers license

With more resources available to house Orange County’s homeless veterans, some struggle to preserve the housing provided to them because they cannot prove financial stability. Unfortunately, for many veterans it is difficult to seek out and hold down jobs that will allow them to sustain themselves financially.

Living in a county where a car is necessary, many homeless veterans are unable to drive themselves to interviews, to places of employment, or even to health care providers for treatment due to having suspended or revoked drivers licenses. Without means of adequate transportation, many veterans are not able to break the barriers of unemployment and homelessness.

The Veterans Drivers License Reinstatement Clinic in Orange County was modeled on a similar one in Leon County.  In Leon County, Judge Layne Smith asked his defendants who had suspended or revoked drivers licenses whether they understood how to have their licenses reinstated. The majority of the time they were unsure. As a result, on July 7, 2017, Leon County provided its residents with the education they needed to restore their driving privileges. Around 237 people were helped at a Drivers License Reinstatement Clinic at the Leon County courthouse and some people even walked away with valid drivers licenses that same day.

In Orange County, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, the Orange County Veterans Court, the Orange County Clerk of Court, the Department of Revenue, and other state and local agencies have joined forces to help homeless veterans learn how to reinstate their drivers license. The education clinic will be held on October 27, 2017 from 8:30 am to 4 pm at the Orange County Courthouse Jury Room.

Pre-registration is now open for the clinic. Interested veterans should register through EventBrite at veteransdlclinic.eventbrite.com.