CLSMF Utilizes New Technology to Engage Pro Bono Attorneys Statewide

CLSMF is continuously working to expand its reach in the community. With the implementation of a new program, pro bono attorneys can now choose cases through an interactive website called Florida Pro Bono Matters (floridaprobonomatters.org). The website is expected to increase the accessibility and convenience for CLSMF pro bono attorneys taking on new cases.

With the backing of by The Florida Bar Foundation, the portal system was developed by SavvySuit, a software development and solutions company focused on building tools for the legal community. The goal of the website is to increase the engagement of skilled lawyers statewide in delivering pro bono services to disadvantaged Floridians.

The innovative and user-friendly website was previously piloted in Miami-Dade County and will now be incorporated into CLSMF’s Volunteer Lawyers Project to encourage pro bono attorneys to be more involved in the legal needs of low-income communities. This tool will allow them to offer assistance where they feel they can do the most good. Previously, lawyers had no way to search for specific cases online.  

“This website takes away common fear among attorneys, which is that legal aid organization may send them a pro bono case they aren’t comfortable handling,” Eli Mattern, co-founder of SavvySuit, said.  “By letting the pro bono attorney choose the case, we’re prioritizing the attorney’s time and input in a way the legal aid system hasn’t been able to do before. To accomplish this we used cutting-edge technology to curate the cases so they can be displayed on any web site that wants to advertise pro bono opportunities making it easier to find a case and help a person with his or her legal issue.”

SavvySuit bridges the gap between attorneys and developers because their founders are both. Graduates of the Starter Studio accelerator, SavvySuit works in a multitude of mediums under the legal tech umbrella. They have filed a patent for a time-tracking device, built software solutions for private organizations, and continue to prototype new ways to use tech in the law. SavvySuit is a client company of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program in the Central Florida Research Park in east Orange County.