Oviedo lawyer honored for service

CLSMF’s 2015 Belvin Perry, Jr. Legacy of Justice Award winner, Timothy Moran is  once again nominated up for the Florida Bar Young lawyers Division Pro Bono Service Award. Congrats Tim! Read the article in the Seminole Voice on his 2012 award.

February 22, 2012 Attorney Timothy Moran received accolades from the state Supreme Court for his 600 hours of pro bono work.

Ever since he was 8 years old, Timothy Moran knew he wanted to be a lawyer.

“I grew up hearing the honor of the law and the positive change you can make in practicing law, surrounded by the examples of these great men,” Moran said. “I’ve wanted it since I was 8 years old, and it’s been everything I’ve ever wished it to be.”

Lena Smith, pro bono manager for the Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, which Moran works with to find people in need of his pro bono services, was the one who nominated him for the [Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Pro Bono Service] award.

Yearly, Smith said, the Florida Bar recommends attorneys complete 20 hours of pro bono service. Moran’s 600 hours, she said, were anything but typical and warranted of recognition.

“He has done above and beyond what most attorneys do in volunteering to help low-income clients,” she said. “He’s done all the work and was very well-deserving of the award… In spite of whatever is or has gone on in his life, he has decided to take whatever lemons that life may have dealt him and make lemonade. He’s just wonderful.”

Smith said comments she receives from Moran’s pro bono clients range from compassionate and caring, to dedicated and hardworking. “Everybody loves him,” she said.

Moran, whose law practice focuses on foreclosures, wills, guardianship and probate, said he does the pro bono work because he feels it’s his duty as a lawyer to help people in their time of need. In his mind, in guardianship, he’s helping someone with a disability; with wills, he’s granting piece of mind; probate, he’s aiding after the loss of a loved one; and in foreclosures, he’s doing all he can to help people save their homes.

“You can’t describe the feeling you get when you help people in that way,” he said.

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