Legal Advocacy Center of Central Florida and Southern Legal Counsel Protecting First Amendment Rights

The Legal Advocacy Center of Central Florida (LACCF), CLSMF’s sister organization, has partnered with the Southern Legal Counsel to protect the first amendment rights of residents in Southern Florida to express political messages by distributing food to the homeless. Read more in the The Nation article The City That Outlawed Free Food by Michelle Chen.

Fort Lauderdale’s ordinance restricting food distribution in public was passed last October in an effort to, according to city officials, manage use of the park, deter behavior that “enables” homelessness and to “ensure food safety and health”—evidently by keeping free food safely out of the hands of the hungry.

But the city made international headlines by nabbing an activist with a local organization, fittingly called Love thy Neighbor, as they distributed meals. The 90-year-old humanitarian Arnold Abbott proclaimed at the time, “you cannot sweep the homeless under a rug…. There is no rug large enough for that.”

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