CLSMF clinics focus on expunging juvenile records

CLSMF’s Juvenile Expunction Clinics are helping youths who have successfully completed a diversion program remove the arrest from their records. This service can make a huge difference in the lives of juveniles across Central Florida. The clinic has made news in the Ocala Star Banner article published January 23, 2015:

Not long ago, Deion Laird was arrested for possession of marijuana. As a teenage first-time offender he successfully completed his teen court program and the arrest did not count as a conviction.

Still, the arrest will show up on a background check whenever he applies for financial aid for college, applies for a job, tries to rent an apartment or may want to join the military.

That’s why Deion, 17, and his mother, Latonja Hagins, came to the Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida’s free juvenile expunction clinic Tuesday evening at the Ocala Police Department.

“Many of these kids do dumb things as children. But then they mature and are ready to go to college or enter the workforce and because of that arrest record, they may not be eligible for certain programs,” said Lena Smith, who oversees the local Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida office.

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