Public Benefits

CLSMF Public Benefits attorneys, paralegals and advocates help eligible residents of Central Florida access public benefits, including health care, cash assistance, food assistance and disability benefits.

mother-daughter laughingThe Public Benefits Matters that CLSMF Handles

Additional Resources

The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace has a new tool called the Get Covered Connector that will allow consumers to:

  • Search for help by ZIP code, review their options, and schedule an appointment
  • Receive automated notifications and reminders of their appointment via email or text message
  • Access contact information for local assisters so they can contact assisters directly if they have questions or problems

Below are selected brochures published by CLSMF. You can see the full list of brochures here.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Domestic Violence victims and Public Benefits

Medicare Savings Program (QMB)

Medical Waiver Brain Injury

Reemployment Assistance – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Social Security Disabiity Benefits

Social Security Disability and SSI – What You Need to Know – web view only (for printing please use (this file)

Supplemental Nutrition (SNAP or Food Stamps) – web view only (for printing please use this file)

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Medicaid Waiver Program

Unemployment Benefits & Voluntary Quitting

You Have Been Classified as “Medically Needy” Under Medicaid

Your Rights When Illness or Injury Prevents You From Working