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Florida should improve access to justice

Daytona Beach News-Journal Florida Voices article discusses the need to improve access to justice in Florida and what is being done to ensure this happens. Think of the civil legal matters that could threaten to tear apart your life: divorce, child custody, foreclosure, a landlord-tenant dispute. Then realize that many people are thrown into these … Read More


Increase attorneys’ dues for legal aid

Daytona Beach News-Journal article discusses the need for increased attorney Bar dues to help fund legal aids in Florida such as CLSMF that serve the needs of those who cannot afford attorneys. “Two people show up to a fight. One’s armed with a baseball bat. The other carries a feather duster. What’s likely to happen? That … Read More


Scott Maxwell in Orlando Life Magazine

Scott Maxwell was recently put under the spotlight by Orlando Life Magazine in an article titled “Maxwell’s Smarts: The Sentinel’s Flagship Columnist Knows How to Navigate” by Michael McLeod. The article is  a great piece allowing us a peek into Maxwell’s life  portraying him as more than just a columnist, but a man who is truly dedicated … Read More


Timothy Allen Moran

The Law Office of Timothy A. Moran

Timothy Allen Moran is a superstar in the pro bono world.  In May 2009, he contacted CLSMF’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, and said he was interested in helping low-income clients facing foreclosure. He was referred to the Housing Unit managing attorney, who provided him with foreclosure defense litigation training. Since he completed his training, he has … Read More


Need a Doctor? This Anti-Poverty Program Will Get You a Lawyer, Too

NBC News article by Seth Freed Wessler and Kat Aaron published December 14, 2014. Read the whole article “In the last two decades, a growing group of legal services agencies have been paying closer attention to the connections between illness and poverty, and dedicating resources to what they call medical-legal partnerships. The programs station lawyers inside of hospitals … Read More


Justice Carries A Price Tag

A response from CLSMF Executive Director Bill Abbuehl to the December 1st article published in the Daytona Beach News-Journal “Level the playing field in the civil justice system.” Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is a nonprofit law firm that provides access to justice for low-income people. We are continually scrambling for resources to try to meet … Read More


U.S.-Backed Mortgages Put to Test in an Innovative Lawsuit

Read The New York Times article “U.S.-Backed Mortgages Put to Test in an Innovative Lawsuit” by Peter Eavis Not engaging with borrowers who have missed payments may not seem like the strongest grounds for litigation against a bank. Yet that is the basis for an innovative lawsuit against U.S. Bank, a division of U.S. Bancorp, one … Read More


Level playing field in civil justice system

Read the Daytona Beach News-Journal article titled “Level playing field in civil justice system” published December 1, 2014 “Access to justice is often viewed as an issue relating solely to indigent criminal defendants — the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright (1963) held that the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of legal counsel is a fundamental right essential … Read More


A Push for Legal Aid in Civil Cases Finds Its Advocates

The New York Times article published November 21, 2014 “A Push for Legal Aid in Civil Cases Finds Its Advocates” by Erik Eckholm and Ian Lovett sheds light on the ever-growing need of civil legal aid for low income people across the country. Free legal assistance in noncriminal cases is rare and growing rarer. A recent … Read More

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