Why “Justice Matters to Me” In the Words of Pro Bono Attorneys

“Justice Matters to Me” is the fundamental basis for all legal aid work throughout the country. It is why attorneys decide to attend law school in the first place and it is what inspires CLSMF staff to fight for the clients they serve: people who would not have have access to justice if not for pro bono and legal aid. Read below what the 2014 Jazz for Justice Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year award recipients say regarding why justice matters to them and why they do pro bono work: 

Barbra Joyner2014 Orange County Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award Winner

Justice means that the most fair, moral and respectful action has been, is, or will be taken to resolve a problem, whether it be big or small.  Justice matters because we all need to know that, if we do the right thing, our actions will not be looked upon by our family or society or the court system as reasons for punishment.  Humans need a structure to depend on, to live under and to trust.  Justice is the foundation of the peaceful, calm and honest life we should all lead.

W. Joy Carpenter2014 Osceola County Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award Winner

Access.  That’s legal justice.  Access to the court system.

In areas like family law, most people will represent themselves before the court.  If we assist these litigants in the preparation of sufficient pleadings, the pro se litigant is protected and the honorable Judges are empowered to render equitable Judgments, rather than be limited by the pro se litigant’s frequently deficient pleadings.  That type of justice matters, and changes lives.

Tim Moran2014 Seminole County Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award Winner

Justice demands that those of us who have by our education and desire chosen to become stewards of the law commit ourselves to offering our services, not only to those who can afford it but to those who need it most.